Christina Pazsitzky

Born out in the Valley—possibly a Sherman Oaks Food Court, though specific evidence is murky at best—comedian Christina Pazsitzky (pronounced with the curse word as the middle syllable, hilariously) is a California girl gone wrong in all the right ways. As a writer and frequent guest on Chelsea Lately, she’s the one explaining how, “I didn’t vomit on someone. . . per se” or how “hookers shut up, sluts talk.” She’d also marry a bear for at least three unassailable reasons, and by the time you read this, she may have made it legal. She’s doing three nights at the Brea Improv, and if you miss her there, she can fire an episode of her Your Mom’s House podcast directly into your bedroom.
Thu., May 31; Fri., June 1; Sat., June 2, 2012


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