Chapter Two

Singles today have it so easy. Join one of those dating websites and instantly meet dozens of people as weird and lonely as you are. But back before profile pictures photoshopped as much as a celebrity perfume ad, people had to actually go out into the world and meet people face to face. Pretty scary stuff. In Neil Simon's semi-autobiographical story, Chapter Two, we meet George, a widower and a writer dealing with the ups and downs (mostly downs) of his life. His match-making brother sets him up on a series of comically terrible first dates (aren't most of them anyway?) and all seems hopeless, that is, until he meets Jennie. Directed by Andrew Barnicle, this tale is a must-see for anyone who has experienced the dangers of the dating world and lived to laugh about it.
Wednesdays-Sundays. Starts: Jan. 9. Continues through Feb. 3, 2013


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