It was a quick rise to prominence for the cosmic Brooklyn trio Chairlift, who spun the canny placement of their song “Bruises” on an iPod Nano commercial into a rerelease deal with Columbia Records for last year’s stunning album, Does You Inspire You . Assaulting global consumerism within the candy-coated sanctity of electronic pop, Chairlift makes the most of glittery synths and Caroline Polachek’s swanning vocals, which relay lyrics about eternal landfills, the age-old mantra of “stop, drop and roll” and learning to do handstands. Strip away the dreamy layers, though, and each song remains a prismatic jewel. Rarely this decade has a young band cherry-picked everything great about the ’80s without dragging all the embarrassing bunk along with it.
Sun., June 21, 9 p.m., 2009


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