Cassette Store Day

Tapes were sturdier than a CD, more portable than a record, but lacking in sound quality compared to nearly any other format. Bonus: you could usually fix one with a pencil. For all us '80s babies, the cassette holds a special place in that box of childhood relics under the bed—and for millennial hipsters, they're the perfect antiquated technology to indulge in. Though kitschy, tapes (mixtapes, especially) still have a place among some current artists for whom LPs, EPs and the such are just too predictable. Fingerprints celebrates the first annual Cassette Store Day with a tape party including a mixtape art show, contests, used tapes for sale, and special new releases. They describe it as, "kind of like Record Store Day, but also a little bit like it's younger cousin, you know, for lovers of tape and spools."
Sat., Sept. 7, 2013


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