Casetagram's got you covered
Casetagram's got you covered

Casestagram, Prinstagram, and Other Instagram Tweaks

Admit it: You're addicted to Instagram, too. It's impossible to not be when you can snap a photo of your bacon sandwich or your freshly painted toenails or a random dude on a unicycle and have it magically look like art. But get this: Those square-shaped memories don't have to disappear into the Internet wasteland. For the tactile creatures among us, here are six ways to transform your favorite Instagram pics into sweet keepsakes. Snap away!

The photo album is far from being a dusty relic on your parents' bookshelf. Blurb makes it super-easy to select photos from your Instagram account and arrange them into clean page layouts. The result: a coffee-table book your friends will actually want to flip through. At Starting at $10.95.

Perfect for vacations, Postagram is a free iPhone and Android app that turns your Instagram photos into actual post cards that can be sent to anyone in the world. You'll never have to step foot into a cheesy souvenir shop again. At 99¢.

When you love a photo so much you can just hug it, Stitchtagram makes hand-sewn throw pillows featuring your Instagram shots. At $64.

StickyGram puts your Instagram photos onto adorable little magnets. Instant art! At $14.99 for a pack of nine.

Protect your memories and your devices. With Casetagram, you can choose how your pics are arranged, and the company prints them onto a case for your iPhone or iPad. At $34.95.

Because sometimes, there's nothing better than keeping it old-school, Print-stagram turns your Instagram favorites into tangible prints. Choose from square or Polaroid-style. At $12 for 48 photos.

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This column appeared in print as "Turn Your Instagrams Alive."


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