Casablanca with Live Score

Never considered more than a stock film while it was rolling down the Hollywood production line, director Michael Curtiz’s 1942 sentimental stunner eventually picked up eight Oscar nominations and three wins, including Best Picture. Now considered one of the greatest movies of all time (and parodied to no hilarious end), Casablanca ensured the world fell deeply in love with Ingrid Bergman and deeply in emulation of Humphrey Bogart. Come see the film that must be experienced on the big screen to truly be felt, and treat your ears to more gorgeousness as Richard Kaufman conducts the Pacific Symphony’s performance of Max Steiner’s score live during the reel. You may not always have Paris, but you will always have Casablanca—and sometimes that’s all you need, kid.
Thu., March 15, 8 p.m., 2012


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