Bryan Callen

No self-depreciating humor here—Bryan Callen is a loud, boastful, testosterone-fueled kind of comedian. He's nabbed roles on more television shows than we have space here to list—though perhaps some of his prouder credits came as an owner of a wedding chapel in The Hangover and then again in The Hangover 2, this time as a strip club owner. This week, Callen takes over the Brea Improv for a multiple-day comedy marathon. Check him out for tips on the best way to keep maniacs away from your house (buy an ostrich), the manliest ways to keep in shape (cow wrangling) and the most successful way to add spice to your relationship (a butter bath, obviously).
Fri., Sept. 14; Sat., Sept. 15; Sun., Sept. 16, 2012

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