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There's a new type of salon in town. It offers neither haircuts nor color. But it does offer all types of blowouts. Blow-dry bars—or just dry bars—are a trend that started almost a year ago in New York and Los Angeles. And now, they've made their way to Orange County. While there's only one main type of service offered at blow-dry bars, it's also a relatively new concept to the United States. These salons feature nothing but a wash, dry and styling—perfect for a quick visit after work when you've got big events, parties, dates or whatever to attend.

South Coast Metro's Blo Out Lounge, which opened in November, is the county's premier blow-dry bar. Its mantra? "Wash, blow, glam & go." Which, to be honest, is kind of pukey, but it's still an undeniably attractive concept. For a flat fee of $35, you get pampered in a lounge environment—so relax and let the experts make you look good. There's a small menu of styles to choose from: "Big Sexy Hair" offers big volume and curls; "Beach Chic" offers those enviable, tousled waves that everyone's been seeking; "Urban Girl" is sleek and straight; and there's even an option to customize what you're looking for.


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The Blo Out Lounge also has the "Lux Blo" on the menu for $30, adding in Nanomax therapy, which is supposed to add shine, keratin-protein protection and softness. Individual hair extensions of faux color—commitment-phobes, this one's for you—can also be added for $3 per strand. A second Blo Out Lounge location is already planned for a February debut in Old Town Pasadena.

Los Angeles' the Drybar was founded in early 2010, currently offers four locations and has already revolutionized the beauty-services industry. And yep, Drybar is coming to Fashion Island's Atrium Court in Newport Beach this spring, offering a near-identical menu to Blo Out Lounge . . . just with different cutesy/pukey names: the "Straight Up," "Mai Tai," "Southern Comfort," "Cosmopolitan" and "Manhattan." Blowout services are $35, no matter the length of your hair.

It may all seem a bit too luxurious and unnecessary, but it's really no different from splurging on a manicure/pedicure, especially considering the impact a great hairstyle has over, say, some simple lacquer on your nails.


This column appeared in print as "Blo Me."



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