Bits and Pieces

Pablo Francisco is probably best-known for his appearances on Comedy Central specials and late-night television. His claim to fame is his highly spirited act featuring accurate impressions (favorites include our governor; that baritone, ominous-voiced guy who narrates all action-film trailers; Count Dracula; Keanu Reeves; and Jerry Springer) that have really made him into a household name. Dude's popular 'cause he's like the Chilean-American version of Motor Mouth Jones. He's really good at making noises. Whether it be emulating Mexican polka and porno groove ("The most funniest music-how can you have sex to that shit? It's like having sex to reruns of CHiPs and shit."), action scenes (ever seen his Chinatown bit?), that girl you know who hangs out at the clubs too much, or even those telenovelas, it really all comes down to the fact that he's just really good at noises. Seriously.
Jan. 17-21, 2008


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