Bike Bagskets?

I’ve fallen into the practice of taking to Etsy pretty much any time I need something—birthday presents, housewarming gifts, actual necessities for around the house (actual items procured include heat pack, mail sorter and passion-fruit-flavored marshmallows). Why? In addition to getting something totally original, I know it will be a quality item, handcrafted and, most important, awesome.

And now that cities all over and around Orange County are implementing some much-needed bicycle lanes, I’ve really got no excuse for not hopping on the ol’ bike to go to the produce stand a few blocks away, instead of, you know, driving, which so many of us Southern Californians tend to do.

The only problem was my lack of deep pockets for wallets, cell phones and other such essentials for pedaling around town.

Solution? A bicycle basket, naturally. But I wasn’t really into the traditional metal and wicker baskets sold at all the stores. So, to Etsy it was.

Dallas-based Etsy seller DNTX ( offers some of the cutest bike bags I’ve come across yet. With a variety of handlebar bags available, my absolute favorite has to be the one in blue-and-white-striped ticking (pictured, $95) that features hand-dyed, vegetable-tanned leather and cotton fabric. The coolest part: Not only is it meant to be attached to your handlebars, but you can also use it as a purse when you’re at your destination. The bag comes with a detachable strap to convert the whole thing to a neat shoulder bag that can also be worn cross-body. Also available at DNTX’s Etsy store are some hip pouches, if the whole handlebar-bag thing is too cutesy for your taste.

And if you’re not into the purse thing?

Just forgo the straps and use the thing like a clutch.


Etsy seller Boneshaker ( offers similar satchels that can be attached to the front of your handlebars, but features a more colorful variety—the bags have a three-paneled design, patterns or solids, with a snap front. The bike bags also come with a leather strap to take things on the go. The large goes for $56, while the mini is $46.

If you’re looking for something a bit larger, try the Carrie Swedish Lace Bicycle Basket by designer Marie-Louise Gustafsson. Though it functions like your average bike basket, meant to be attached to the front of your handlebars, its looks are a whole new thing. Crafted from polypropylene, the basket features a lace design—it looks more like a crocheted tablecloth than a bicycle basket. You can find it on in white or kelly green for $75.


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