Big Drill Car

Ranked as the 11th greatest band in OC history by this very paper, Costa Mesa’s Big Drill Car were pop-punk in the golden years before flat-billed hats. Formed in 1987, they weren’t hardcore and they weren’t college rock; they were punk for people who didn’t necessarily want to be misanthropes. With hyper-fast rhythms pogoing along under peppy guitars that would pinch out vivid dirty-sweet leads, it’s a wonder how they missed the early ‘90s punk gravy train. This weekend, they’re playing with All—3/4 of the legendary Descendents, a great South Bay band that practically invented being dorks while playing fast. Whether this is a trip down memory lane or you just want to get to know your roots, if you’re a fan of SoCal punk rock, this show is where you should be.
Sat., July 18, 8 p.m., 2009


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