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    Three in the Back, Too Clever by Half

    In Three in the Back, Two in the Head, Canadian playwright Jason Sherman visualizes world peace, and it ain't John Lennon's kind. Sherman's bleak vision is of the old USA/USSR "mutual assured destruction" variety, but with a twist: it's not just abo...

    by BROOK STOWE on November 11, 1999
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    Our Story

    Along with walking around as one of America's most celebrated contemporary playwrights, August Wilson is also one of its most controversial. A winner of two Pulitzer Prizes, he is an outspoken critic of multiculturalism in the theater--including col...

    by Joel Beers on November 11, 1999
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    The Iceworker Cometh - Andres Montoyas poems for the rest of us

    If one were to offer a criticism of academic poetry--poetry written by poetry professors in universities and colleges--it would have to be this: they're usually exquisitely crafted poems about nothing. And the academic poets like it that way. Take U...

    by VICTOR D. INFANTE on November 11, 1999
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    Pretty Girls - Ellen Rose and Nora Novak rock. Plus, the long-awaited final word on the whole stupid uproar at the Brooklyn Museum

    Photo by Jack GouldEllen Rose and Nora Novak, showing in two different venues at Irvine Valley College, have very different ideas of glamour and beauty. Both are as loopy and riotously fun as an El Vez show, though without the references to the Zapa...

    by REBECCA SCHOENKOPF on November 11, 1999
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    Cold Okie Sex!

    Cal State Fullerton is hawking this production of Oklahoma! as a deconstructed mounting of the trusty old Rodgers and Hammerstein standard. It's a tantalizing concept, for beneath all the crinkly gingham and knotted kerchiefs smolders the sort of se...

    by BROOK STOWE on November 4, 1999
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    More Grisly Gusto, Please

    This wrong-headed adaptation of Frankensteinby Brian Newell and Martin E. Williams pitches Mary Shelley's philosophical and religious musings into the toilet, trading them for melodramatic shock tactics like rape, hanging, baby killing, severed limb...

    by DAVE BARTON on November 4, 1999
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    Hurts So Good

    While Schadenfreude, a collection of five short plays written by Todd Kulczyk and Kristina Leach, is uneven, the cumulative effect is impressive. These two young writers focus on relatively simple stories of real-life situations in ways that don't c...

    by Joel Beers on November 4, 1999
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    When There Were People - In the City recalls a time before Things became God

    Photo by Jack GouldDid you know they used to paint about politics? Yes, they did! They painted people with picket signs being dispersed by cops on horseback, people trudging through snow and the Great Depression, people living their rococo lives in ...

    by REBECCA SCHOENKOPF on November 4, 1999
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    Y2Carlin - Were all fucked!

    Try to pin down comedy legend George Carlin on his personal politics, and he offers this philosophical nugget: "Everybody's fucked." "I don't have any personal politics; I have beliefs," Carlin said before hitting the road for a tour that stops by...

    by Matt Coker on October 21, 1999
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    Wandering in Wonderland

    For its first 60 minutes, Wonderland is a play worthy of its title. A compelling story of an architect whose family disintegrates as his work falls apart, the design of Chay Yew's play incorporates powerful issues--minority assimilation, sexuality a...

    by Joel Beers on October 21, 1999
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    Goblins Just Want to Have Fun?

    Two sisters walking through a forest happen upon a goblin's market, where the little grotesques are hawking their fruits. Stalwart Lizzie (Susan Hoffman) warns against giving into temptation, but the more adventurous Laura (Marnie Mosiman) abandons ...

    by DAVE BARTON on October 21, 1999
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    Hello, Dolly! - Part trite, part Brite parts

    photo by Jack GouldDesecrated doll parts are really nothing new; the noted cultural critic Courtney Love sang about them years ago with her band Hole. But "Technology vs. Humanity" at Laguna Beach's Galerie 224 is an interesting bit of a show despit...

    by REBECCA SCHOENKOPF on October 21, 1999
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    Saint Lewis - Richard Lewis is a nice guy, even during attempted phone sex

    Ever since our disastrous interview with that fucker from Boston Common--who kept snottily asking, "Is this how you conduct all your interviews?"--we've made an effort to actually write down questions beforehand. But Richard Lewis--the arm-waving ma...

    by REBECCA SCHOENKOPF on October 14, 1999
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    Still Crazy

    Nearly 70 years after it was penned, Once in a Lifetime--the acidic George S. Kaufman/Moss Hart satire on the Hollywood movie machine--is still as nasty and relevant as ever. Hollywood still ignores talent in favor of big boobs, writers are dumped w...

    by DAVE BARTON on October 14, 1999
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    Viva Vasquez!

    Consider all the coke that went up Gary Busey's nose, and it's still possible to claim there are more good lines in Luis Valdez's Bandido!, the entertaining play about the life and legend of notorious 19th-century California bandit Tiburcio Vasquez:...

    by Joel Beers on October 14, 1999
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    Air Sick - Focus is only half-good for you!

    Pot by Lynn Kubasek Photo by Jack GouldDon't ask the sky caps where to find the art exhibit at John Wayne Airport; for once, it's the Orange County sheriffs holding up the wall who can give you the lowdown. Thanks, sheriffs! Stay on the upper lev...

    by REBECCA SCHOENKOPF on October 14, 1999
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    One Good Play

    The announcement by Alternative Repertory Theatre (ART) that it would include Edward Albee's Three Tall Women this season was greeted with less than rapture in these quarters. The Southern California premiere of the play, which earned Albee his thir...

    by Joel Beers on October 7, 1999
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    Not-So-Wild West

    Director Hope Alexander's approach to playwright Sam Shepard's 20-year-old knock-down, drag-out True West, about two brothers in conflict, is serviceable enough but timid. Call it the not-so-wild West. Alexander's rendering transforms the foul-mouth...

    by DAVE BARTON on October 7, 1999
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    One Angry Poet - Stephanie Browns fabulous put-downers field guide

    It's clear what Newport Beach native/San Clemente resident Stephanie Brown is risking in her first book, Allegory of the Supermarket: being thought an asshole. There's a streak of mean running through these poems as wide as the 405 freeway. Compared...

    by MICHAEL C. SMITH on October 7, 1999
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    Not Crap! - Crafts!

    Photo by Jack GouldOnce a year, Newport Beach's ladies who lunch take charge of the Orange County Museum of Art's Pacific Craft Show--"show" as opposed to "exhibit," which means if you've got giant piles of greasy cash, you can buy the lovely bauble...

    by REBECCA SCHOENKOPF on October 7, 1999
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