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<i>In the Heights</i> Is Weak on Plot, Strong on Banalities In the Heights Is Weak on Plot, Strong on Banalities

Build your own dreams, or someone will hire you to build theirs. A negative mind will never give you a positive life. Let the past make you better, not bitter.… More >>

Skin Food Skin Food

One of the best parts of going green with body care is that it makes your regime simpler. These homemade methods require so little effort even the laziest can create… More >>

Sailor Moon: Everyone's Girls Sailor Moon: Everyone's Girls

Japanese film, manga and anime narratives are a convoluted wonder. Eschewing anything resembling coherency or logic, you either go with the flow or sit, puzzled, in an uncomprehending fog. You… More >>

AGENDA Show Sets the You-Know-What AGENDA Show Sets the You-Know-What

Once a year, AGENDA Show comes to the Long Beach Convention Center, touting itself as the most diverse fashion and lifestyle expo in the world. (Unfortunately, it's not open to… More >>

Maverick Theater Takes on <i>Spamalot</i> Maverick Theater Takes on Spamalot

What do you call a piece of musical theater written by a comedic genius who chose to cash in on the enormous success of people undoubtedly inspired by him? Spamalot. No one… More >>

CA Limited Aim to Make Dreams Come True CA Limited Aim to Make Dreams Come True

Every year, California swallows thousands of newbies alive. The dreamers imagine they'll become the next big star after getting off the Greyhound in North Hollywood, not realizing their destiny as… More >>