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    Thank You, Mr. Greenblatt

    The Stroop Report is a staged version of one of the darkest--and ultimately most liberating--chapters in recent human history: the rebellion among Jews in the Warsaw ghetto during World War II. Written by Texas resident Robert Preston Jones, the pla...

    by Joel Beers on January 27, 2000
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    Wandering Amid the Hollow

    Photo by Jack GouldThe promise of America has always been tightly intertwined with the promise of individual freedom and choice--notions as time-honored in American tradition as racism, xenophobia and the insatiable drive to conquer, pillage and pos...

    by BROOK STOWE on January 27, 2000
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    Not Neil Simon!

    Don't let the title fool you--My Married Friends is no schlocky Neil Simon comedy about kooky-but-loving couples. Masterfully written by Steven Salinaro and expertly directed by Todd Kulczyk, Married is not only fraught with poignant observations ab...

    by Stacy Davies on January 27, 2000
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    They Cant Crochet That, Can They?! - Sex art that wont give you the willies

    Photo by Jack GouldPeople should not name works of art pertaining to children "Innocence." Nor should any piece--ever--be called "Solitude," especially if it portrays a person by him- or herself. If artists would simply remember these two rules--and...

    by REBECCA SCHOENKOPF on January 27, 2000
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    Life With Daddy - Pass the popcorn! Its Mary Kay LeTourneau time!

    From the opening montage, when a little girl dances with her father--a "Schmitz for President" sash slung around her little shoulders--through the ending credits, The Mary Kay LeTourneau Story:All-American Girl is steeped in dear old Dad. That he's ...

    by REBECCA SCHOENKOPF on January 20, 2000
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    The 1999 Okies! - Introducing our nominees for the years best theater!

    By Joel Beers, Dave Barton, Kelly Flynn, Michael M. Miller and Brook Stowe For four years, we've honored with dinner, applause and a doodad the best of the year's local theater--the OC Weekly Theater Awards. And, yes, we call them the Okies. The...

    on January 20, 2000
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    How Can You Do This to Me, Babe?! - Some good, some lousy art by women who loved men who beat the hell out of women

    Photo by Jack GouldIt is so not okay to rag on survivors of domestic abuse. So when reviewing an exhibit of art produced by women in shelters--such as "Windows Into Our Future" at Chapman University's Guggenheim Gallery--it is important to tiptoe ar...

    by REBECCA SCHOENKOPF on January 20, 2000
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    Howard Korders Truly Terrifying Tales of America

    Photo by Jack GouldWhen he wasn't being an anti-semitic ass, H.L. Mencken--noted journalist, linguist and curmudgeon --usually got it right, or at least made what was wrong seem interesting. Take this observation from his 1922 essay "On Being an Ame...

    by Joel Beers on January 13, 2000
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    Outlaw Poetry? - How to keep poetrys wild frontier wild

    The most pernicious image of all," British writer Grant Morrison has said, "is the anarchist hero-figure. A creation of commodity culture, he allows us to buy into an inauthentic simulation of revolutionary praxis. . . . The hero encourages passive ...

    by VICTOR D. INFANTE on January 13, 2000
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    Dark Magica

    Holiday theater offerings in recent years have fallen increasingly into one of two classes: one is the traditional, auto-programmed camaraderie aimed at groups of strangers taking a break from flipping one another off on the freeways. The other is t...

    by BROOK STOWE on December 30, 1999
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    A Tale of Two Ditties

    A tale of two Carols: one takes place in an immaculately well-appointed theater, with well-paid actors wearing lavish costumes on a gorgeous set in a graceful, visually stimulating presentation. The other takes place in the back yard of a small ca...

    by Joel Beers on December 30, 1999
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    Nothing but Time - Chronicling poverty in the old New South

    photo by Jack GouldAt the Orange County Museum of Art's Pacific Craft show earlier this year, artist Susan Cauthen showed wonderfully loopy and joyous statues of old black folk. They were highly stylized and obviously sculpted with great admiration ...

    by REBECCA SCHOENKOPF on December 30, 1999
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    Bad Actors

    David McGillivary and Walter Zerlin Jr.'s spoof of a group of incompetent society women staging an atrocious adaptation of Dickens' classic, The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society's Production of A Christmas Carol, bo...

    by Dave Barton on December 23, 1999
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    Be Glad Youre Not Here

    Written as though playwright Joseph Hullett had recently awakened from a long slumber to find a world driven mad by--AAAGH!--computers, Wish You Were Here is a lunkheaded yarn about one Abel Joiner (John Childers), a loyal factory employee who loses...

    by BROOK STOWE on December 23, 1999
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    Junk-food Theater

    If watching your mother fist-fuck your father is your idea of a laugh riot, look no further than the 4th Kind-of-Annual A Dolt's Only Xmas Pageant, a semiannual, late-night comedy/poetry/ music extravaganza cobbled together by OC Weekly theater crit...

    by Dave Barton on December 23, 1999
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    The (Imaginary) Plague - Rethinking crime and punishment

    My vision of ultimate justice is a scorching rotisserie in hell where I'd roast grant-hungry academics who dress up popular bigotries in scientific white coats. More than the Universal Soldier, the Universal Scholar is crucial to the never-ending ...

    by MIKE MALES on December 23, 1999
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    Road to Nowhere - Irvines Car Culture is desperately in need of speed

    photo by jack gouldThe Irvine Fine Art Center's (IFAC) current exhibition, "Southern California Car Culture," is the most shocking thing I've seen all year, if you don't count Damien Hirst's butchered animals, which I guess you probably should. Bu...

    by REBECCA SCHOENKOPF on December 23, 1999
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    Nice Beaver

    The newest addition to Orange County's theater scene is housed in a most unassuming office complex in a most unassuming part of Santa Ana off Bristol Street. The name of the space is the Second Stage Theater. The name of the company is the Berubians...

    by Joel Beers on December 16, 1999
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    Running on Empty

    Donald barthelme once wrote, "Art is not difficult because it wishes to be difficult, but because it wishes to be art." In Six Degrees of Separation, John Guare says something similar about our lives: they're not chaotic and occasionally empty becau...

    by BROOK STOWE on December 16, 1999
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    Dingle Belle

    Christmas is a time for excess: big presents, big trees, overblown commercialism. So what better Yuletide play than a really over-the-top farce about Santa getting a giant SmackDown from a world-class villainess? It's not necessarily fare for tots...

    by Stacy Davies on December 16, 1999
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