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    Photo by Jami McCoyConsidering my extreme anti-war stance these days, it seemed almost too perfect that I was sent to a black comedy about a small defense contractor's fight to submit the best and final offer (thus the title, BAFO) on a bogus milita...

    by Stacy Davies on February 27, 2003
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    Its a War Thing - Joel Beers theater notes

    WAR, PART I War may suck for every living thing on the face of the planet besides maggots and lice, but it's a great opportunity for theater companies and artists to raise their voices. So it's heartening to see that three local companies are part...

    on February 27, 2003
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    The Photographed Word - Some artists dont know when to shut the hell up

    Grand Central Art Center--Cal State Fullerton's Artists Village satellite--is drenched in spooky blooood. But--shockingly!--there's not a found-art tampon sculpture in sight! Dismayingly, Maria Pulera and Michele Iverson decline to provide profoun...

    by REBECCA SCHOENKOPF on February 27, 2003
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    Goth Not

    Photo by James BunoanWho hasn't spent a sleepless night pondering the Big Questions: What does it all mean? What happens when we die? Why are we here? Who sleeps with Eddie from The Munsters? Well, sweet dreams, sleepyhead: in our fantasy, Eddie (Bu...

    by ALISON M. ROSEN on February 20, 2003
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    Go Climb a Tree - Michael Jackson and other childish things

    Here we are, on the brink of a messy, bloody war with Iraq (again); the economy is in free fall (again); our leaders are clueless, conservative assbags (again); and yet North America is obsessing instead over some passing TV amusement (again). Deep ...

    by GREG STACY on February 20, 2003
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    Stop Time - Eadweard Muybridge and the Age of the Image

    History, like evolution, or flying an airplane, seems to consist not of gradual changes but of long periods where nothing much happens, punctuated by brief, terrifying moments where the shape of things to come is largely determined. The years 1860 t...

    by PAUL LAFARGE on February 20, 2003
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    Sex & Death - Manuel Pardos love affair with mom

    Look at the paintings of Manuel Pardo, and you'll hear Esquivel. It's too bad Cal State Fullerton doesn't have marimba beats echoing around its Main Art Gallery. "Metaplasmic" demands not a stilted museum hush, but rather a big, ridiculous cocktail ...

    by REBECCA SCHOENKOPF on February 20, 2003
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    Vanishing - Existential anguish in a ray of light

    The curatorial team at Hellada Gallery is scrubbing glue from the floor and filling in the pitted surface with muddy concrete. It is noon, it's thirsty work, and they are drinking Heinekens. Only Dr. Froke van der Horst sits still and quiet as the o...

    by REBECCA SCHOENKOPF on February 13, 2003
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    Blow Job - UC Irvines The Day Maggie Blew Off Her Head

    Fucking Barbie. For years, she has filled little girls' heads with impossible standards of beauty, fueling negative body images and wild fantasies of winning the Miss America pageant. How come we never see the darker side: the obsessive dieting, the...

    by KELLY A. FLYNN on February 13, 2003
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    Beef or Borscht - Is Horton Foote a modern-day Chekhov or Forrest Gump with a word processor?

    Photo by Henry DiRocco/SCRLike last year's Getting Frankie Married--and Afterwards, South Coast Repertory's new Horton Foote undertaking, The Carpetbagger's Children, gives us a Central Texas family characterized by folksy idiosyncrasies and mettle-...

    by Joel Beers on February 13, 2003
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    The Joy of Nothing

    It's tempting to think that when Samuel Beckett reached his own existential abyss, he neither screamed in terror nor laughed at the absurdity. If his life imitated his art, a wry grin creased his face, a belch escaped his lips, he thought momentaril...

    by Joel Beers on February 6, 2003
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    AnAlmostInterestingMoment - Cathy Rigbys husbands Late Night Catechism

    My first hint that I was maybe not the right guy to review this production came when one of the producers--Cathy Rigby's husband, in fact--walked onstage before the show and announced to the season ticket holders that the final show of the season wo...

    by CORNEL BONCA on February 6, 2003
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    Same as the Old Boss - Curses of the New Economy workplace

    Image from No-CollarNow here comes a story of Generation X--whose badge of honor was that it never got a chance to be innocent--losing its innocence. And, as the Plimsouls, that great early '80s band used to sing, that's the oldest story in the worl...

    by CORNEL BONCA on February 6, 2003
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    In the Beginning - Genesis P-Orridge invented your nose ring

    In the beginning, there was Neil Megson. There is no shred left of Neil Megson anymore. Genesis P-Orridge, his artistic creation, has taken over his body like a pod person. But now, 30 years later, Genesis sometimes misses Neil. He wonders about the...

    by REBECCA SCHOENKOPF on February 6, 2003
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    Like Bottled Messages - OCMAs mall-walled zine scene

    Courtesy of the Orange County Museum of ArtGay people have the best zines. This should be so obvious that it shouldn't even have to be said. But it's totally true! There are dozens of zines clothespinned up in the Orange County Museum of Art's sma...

    by REBECCA SCHOENKOPF on January 30, 2003
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    Editor! Editor! - Shaving Saving the World

    Saving the World is a baffling piece of theater, and not just because it's built on a framework of self-referential jokes, nonsensical plot devices and wink-and-a-nod humor. No, it's confusing because of playwright Jason Burkett's muddy politics and...

    by ANDREW NIENABER on January 30, 2003
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    Only 20 Minutes - Joel Beers theater notes

    The clocks, they are a-tickin' at the Grove Theater Center(GTC). For nine years, Kevin Cochranand Charles Johansonhave worked valiantly to build a professional theater company in Garden Grove--work that may end in less than a month, when city offici...

    by Joel Beers on January 30, 2003
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    Work In Progress - Walking the Dead is a gender blender

    Brandon Teena, the famously martyred female-to-male transgender whose life was the subject of the film Boys Don't Cry, would be very familiar with Walking the Dead. Keith Curran's fine script explores issues of gender, identity and conformity and is...

    by Rich Kane on January 23, 2003
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    Albees Zoo

    In Edward Albee's Zoo Story, the strange, Bohemian transient Jerry asks the buttoned-down, married and--hence--normal Peter, "Do I annoy you or confuse you?" One can almost hear Albee directing the same question to his audience. Albee's rep, for the...

    by ANDREW NIENABER on January 23, 2003
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    Wise Guys

    Photo by Henry DiRocco/SCRThe success of movies like A Beautiful Mind and plays like David Auburn's Pulitzer prize-winning Proof, now at South Coast Repertory, suggests there's something reassuring in the notion that all smart people are crazy. It e...

    by KELLY A. FLYNN on January 23, 2003
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