Angst in Extremis

Poor Carrie. This 1976 Stephen King horror flick follows a shy and awkward teenager (impeccably played by Sissy Spacek) through her beyond-awful senior year. Abusively picked on by some of the popular bitches, isolated at home with an extremist religious-nut mother (who stomps around in a cape, of all things), and discovering some rather unusual mental abilities, Carrie finally seems to catch a break when hottie Tommy Ross asks her to the prom. Then, as a cruel joke, she gets crowned prom queen, only to become one of the most visually arresting images in cinematic history involving massive amounts of pig blood. If you don’t know the end, we won’t spoil it—but justice is served. Kinda.
Wed., Oct. 29, 7:30 p.m., 2008


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