And the War Came

War, what is it good for? These poignant words brought forth to popular culture by Edwin Starr in the ’70s have been mulled over by countless individuals and throughout innumerable mediums. And now California Repertory is taking the concept to new heights with its performance of And the War Came. Described by the LA Times as “intelligent theater . . . visually stunning . . . and well-worth seeing,” the production takes a look at the life of a soldier going off to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan. This play is not without purpose, by partnering with Soldier’s Angels, Cal Rep will bring any donated goods to the families of our troops. Help to make a difference in their lives because, as this moving production’s slogan reads, “We share their home. They rescue us.” Experience the war through their own words.
Wed., May 6, 7:30 p.m., 2009


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