All at Sea

It’s pretty much safe to assume that if you’ve got a kid between the ages of 2 and 20, you can thank Disney for whatever their obsession of the month is. Whether it be the brothers Jonas or robots or pirates or Hannah Montana or monsters or meerkats, Disney sure knows how to create a phenomenon. And the same might just go for the ocean. Yes, Disney’s even marketed the ocean. Several times. Help satiate Nemo/Little Mermaid/20,000 Leagues/Atlantis -driven desires with the Newport Harbor Nautical Museum’s Sea Tales program. Geared at preschoolers aged 2 to 5, each monthly session brings a bit of the ocean to the classroom. Spaces are limited, so be sure to make your reservations right away. Besides, wouldn’t you rather have your kids freak out over Dorys and Nemos than that creepy Efron kid?
First Wednesday of every month, 10 a.m., 2009


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