Abraham Lincoln visits Old Orange County Courthouse

So you know that the man in the iconic stovepipe hat took a lead ball to the back of his skull. But what do you really know about Lincoln? Your chance to answer that question is upon you now. Through the near-end of February, OC Parks and Orange County Archives will team up to bring the Great Emancipator to California in an exhibit entitled Abraham Lincoln: Self-Made in America. The retrospective, held at the Old Orange County Courthouse, will showcase Lincoln’s life from its inauspicious log cabin beginnings up to his fateful demise at Ford’s Theater. A special lecture will be held on Wednesday by Don McCue, curator of the Lincoln Shrine in Redlands, titled “Lincoln and California?” explaining the president’s relationship with the American West. Check it out. And emancipate your mind from the shackles of ignorance.
Feb. 1-26, 11 a.m.-1 p.m., 2010


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