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  • I've just finished getting in an argument with a friend on Facebook about Syrian refugees. He's not good at it, has a tendency to shut down and... More >>

  • Unless you wanted to rep your veteran status, political party, favorite sports team, Disney fanhood or membership in fraternal organizations,... More >>

  • While the government combs through your phone messages and emails for potentially dangerous buzzwords, in the West Coast premiere of "R. Luke... More >>

  • Where would underground art be today without the Pizz? The OC-born, Long Beach-based artist rocked us with his crazy, surreal paintings, comics,... More >>

  • Irish (by way of London) playwright Martin McDonagh shot to theater stardom on the strength of three plays written in the late 1990s set in... More >>

  • When people hear the words Laguna Beach art, they naturally think of paintings of dolphins, bucolic landscapes and idyllic Plein Air-style... More >>

  • Although you might groan at the sight of snowmen and Santa Claus decking the halls of your local store so soon after Halloween, it's never too... More >>

  • The curtain rises on our dual protagonist/antagonist, sitting in a bar. Or maybe he's at home. Or in a $50-per-night motel room with a hooker.... More >>

  • When photographers Jerry Burchfield and Mark Chamberlain of BC Space grew weary of seeing the picturesque environs of Laguna Beach get... More >>

  • Halloween is one of those holidays for which the decorations really matter in helping the season come alive, so where do people rush to for their... More >>

  • Surrender any adherence to the classical unities, the well-made play and even common sense with Vietgone. This is a play all over time, space,... More >>

  • There are the people who enjoy Halloween, and then there are the people who absolutely LOVE Halloween and everything about it: quirky... More >>

  • Running through Oct. 25 at South Coast Repertory, Vietgone is a dazzling, inventive, funny, balls-to-the-walls show. Playwright Qui Nguyen's... More >>

  • Vinyl records and books have been back for a while, but Laura and Collin Insley of Books + Rec Shoppe want to make the two analog mediums a... More >>

  • I'm sitting at a diner eating borscht. The owner is Latvian, married to the Libyan pizza maker a few shops down. The music playing in the... More >>

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