3D Glasses: A New Dimension In Eyewear

Hey, got too much money?

Worried about looking good in a dark room where everyone's gaze is unquestionably not focused on you?

There's a solution for that: Marchon3D has released a line of fancy 3D glasses for watching the next Hollywood mega-movie.

While the EX3D glasses are only slightly cooler-looking than those new pseudo-Wayfarer-type RealD 3D glasses they hand out at the theater, the line claims to "enhance consumers' 3D-viewing experience while giving them the option to personalize their look with an array of frame and color choices to suit individual tastes."

EX3D glasses come in 11 different styles: The Bowie ($35) looks almost exactly like those Dior oversized, bug-eye sunglasses every other gal in Orange County still wears. A number of styles look like Oakley wraparounds. And the Maverick ($45) is, yep, your classic gunmetal-framed aviator. The Flips and Slick models ($22) clip onto your eyewear, which is a way-better option than cramming those throwaway 3D glasses at the theater over your regular glasses.

Does $22 to $75 seem like a bit much for something you might or might not remember to use over and over again? Consider this: In fall 2010, Gucci released Real D frames—fashioned like those modified plastic aviators you see on every dude in Newport—and promptly plunked 'em on the market at $225. That same year, Oakley unleashed its "optically correct" 3D eyewear to celebrate the release of Tron: Legacy. A pair cost $150.

Anyway, if the idea of carrying your own 3D glasses pleases you, you'll be stoked to know that EX3D has chosen Bella Terra's Century 20 movie theater in Huntington Beach as the site of its first vending machine starting Friday.

At least you can be certain the glasses will be as clean as you feel like keeping them.

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This column appeared in print as "A New Dimension In Eyewear."


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