Dave Asprey's Bulletproof® Trend

[Trendzilla] The latest coffee fad is the above-the-poverty-line man's cappuccino with a buncha butter

A favorite pastime of us Weeklings is arguing about trends. This week, it was Bulletproof® coffee, which, it turns out, is a pretty great food trend if you sip it with a dose of reality.

Bulletproof® was "invented" by Dave Asprey, a man who markets himself as the Tony Robbins of caffeine. He likes to mention that he came up with the idea after climbing some mountain in Tibet, and he asserts that if you combine "clean coffee" (read organic, fair-trade, expensive) with healthy fats, the caffeine will have a greater effect and quicken your metabolism. It requires no espresso machine and no steaming wand, making it the above-the-poverty-line man's cappuccino.

Bulletproof® Tibetans have their own recipe, but Asprey's goes like this: Brew one cup of coffee (preferably in the fanciest way possible), then add 1 tablespoon of his Brain Octane™ (a.k.a. Asprey's EXTREME coconut oil extract) and a pat of unsalted, grass-fed butter. Mix it all in a blender until it's a beautiful, creamy, concoction. Consume it alone for breakfast because it'll help you lose weight and give you literally five hours of energy with no crash. Hmm, I feel like I've heard that somewhere before. . . .

Asprey's "miracle" diet aside, the drink is fantastic: It's decadent and unlike any other cup of coffee I've had. It does give you lasting energy without a tweaker high, but only if you treat it as you would a regular cup of coffee. Don't have it alone for breakfast—eat healthy food and use it only for an energy boost. Forget the Brain Octane™ and use coconut oil; butter alone works, too. Just because the marketing is shoddy doesn't mean the product is bad!

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The idea is to use mycotoxin free coffee as well. That is the key to *all* that Asprey touts. Low-toxin living.


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JGlanton topcommenter

I roast my own coffee and one of my regular beans tastes like dark chocolate when roasted and brewed just right.  My GF went off dairy, so she put coconut milk and some raw sugar in it, and damn! It tastes like a decadent dark chocolate coconut bark. Now I can add butter, too? I can't wait to try. 


I saw this on a podcast (JRE) and made this coffee. Its awesome and the caffeine is sustained longer and the is a easier come down, for me its like green tea but lasts much longer.


Google butter or ghee tea...

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