Menstrual Cups Runneth Over

[Trendzilla] An alternative to pads, tampons and all the things gals use against Lady Flo

Men might want to stop reading this right about . . . now. Ladies, consider raising a glass to the menstrual cup, the ultimate underdog tool for periods. Menstrual cups have gathered on the fringes of feminine hygiene since the Victorian Era (galvanized rubber, anyone?) but didn't become a comfortable option until the 1930s, when actress Leona Chalmers patented a latex model. Over the next 70 years, a company would pop up here or there with a reusable menstrual cup, but none gained much momentum.

Nowadays, it's the green, crunchy-granola mama types who stumble upon it. The discovery usually begins when you notice your bathroom trash after a cycle—forget old tires and plastic bags in landfills, what about the TONS of used pads?! [Shudder.] It's not like women can avoid it, considering that few things make a period sexier than cloth diapers.

But the menstrual cup is a vessel that's pushed up inside the vagina, creating a vacuum seal. And honestly, it sounds perfect on paper: It's not noticeable, you can keep it in for up to 12 hours, there's no worry of Toxic Shock Syndrome because the blood is held away from the body, and there's no smell. The problem is that sometimes your cup runneth over.

Given women's elasticity and the varying cup shapes, choosing one that's airtight is a process. Plus, pouring out a cup of blood just isn't something our germ-obsessed society is into. Granted, the cup is half-full for a small portion of the population, unsurprisingly much of it being from outside the U.S. But for only $20 to $30 per year, it's worth testing. Give your Tampax a break.

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But you can get a Femmecup for less than 20 bucks!  Millions of women now use these; it isn't that niche market anymore! American women need Femmecup in their lives!!


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It's very rare that the menstrual cup runneth over - tampons hold a maximum of 18ml, menstrual cups up to 42ml (depending on brand, the average is 35ml), the cup stays upright and has light suction to prevent leaking with most women being able to use any of the 50 brands without any problem finding one that works perfectly, cups can even lighten flow. 

It's not just the crunchy sort who opt for cups, although cup brands tend to play on the environmental benefits - cutting out 12,000+ tampons/pads going into landfill, no harmful manufacturing like deforestation to produce rayon or oxygen gas bleaching, and recyclable - there are other benefits that make cups FAR healthier, cheaper, and more convenient. As well as the green credentials cup companies are women-run, approved by vegetarian and vegan organisations (silicone and TPE cups being vegan-friendly), ethical business principles, and don't use menstrual taboos against women to sell products. 

Cups are popular with those in healthcare. Cups don't dry-out the vagina, harbour bacteria, lose fibres, effect pH, or contain potentially harmful ingredients - tampons are self-tested and self-regulated so we don't know what they contain or effects on health, with a long history of companies knowingly using harmful manufacturing this is a big concern. Thus with cups there's no risk of TSS, vaginal infections, increased cramps (cups can actually reduce cramps), or exposure to harmful toxins like dioxin. Cups can greatly improve women's comfort with their own bodies and body literacy, plus allow you to monitor flow.

Cups are popular with women in general because they greatly improve menstruation due to increased comfort and convenience. Unlike tampons menstrual cups can be worn for 12 hours, with any menstrual flow, before your period, overnight, no need to alternate with pads so there's no need to use pads at all, and safe to use from menarche (recommended to teens over tampons). Cups can be worn at least twice as long as tampons without leaking, nothing shows externally, can be worn for swimming, can be used before menstruation for excessive discharge, and they don't dry-out the vagina so more comfortable.

Menstrual cups can last for up to 10 years so it's around $30 for TEN YEARS, also being reusable also means no running out or carrying spares, also worry about disposal in public. They're perfect for travelling and camping too. 

There are then diaphragms as menstrual cups, disposable softcups and reusable for one cycle softcups - these sit higher in the vagina so closer to the cervix, this means they're trickier to use and don't have suction to prevent leaking, but softcups are a good option for women who prefer disposables. Both softcups and diaphragms can be used for mess-free sex during menstruation. 

I've been using menstrual cups for around 11 years - I have excessive menstrual flow that could leak through tampons and pads within 15 minutes on a heavy day, tampons also caused constant vaginal infections for me - I'd never go back to tampons or pads, cups are FAR better. I started with Mooncup but there are around 50 different brands to choose from.



It was fairly evenly matched, until this exchange, which I believe the blonde chick clearly won.

Red headed chick:

"...and you ain't got no mates, tree huggin hippies banging on about ice caps and herbal remedies; new age nonsense; it's makin' me home to your tee-pee and eat your lentils..."

Blonde Chick:

"...we got love for the earth, but you make her ill, eight hundred million of ya dumped in the landfill; like sanitary pads, man you guys are foul...give it up now, time throw in the towel..."


@afroman1979 @silvertree Dude, I'm with you in that it's a great invention, but please don't try to say that the majority of women use them with ease. The major menstrual cup forum is full of women going through the trial and error of finding the cup that works for them. All vaginas are not created equal - and this has also been my personal experience. When it comes to the hippie types liking them the most, I'm referring to people living in Orange County (hence OC Weekly)...and most women in Orange County are a bit grossed out by the idea; the economical, health, and environmental benefits don't outweigh the fact that they have to handle a cup of their own blood. I'm sure this will change with later generations though.

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