Señor Rita

[Hey, You!] Keep those voices to yourself, please

Bob Aul


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You are the fellow who rode a bike with a girly basket to the back of the Target center, crouched behind the shrubs, then shouted at the top of your lungs, "GET OUT OF MY FUCKING HEAD, RITA!" and other pleasantries. You did this at midday, across the street from a residential neighborhood where babies were being put down for naps, moms were finally getting to chillax with their stories and dads were trying to rub one out in the garage before the All My Children end credits. Target has signs up demanding that delivery drivers keep the noise down for neighbors, so next time you decide to chew Rita out to the heavens, pretend you're an 18-wheeler.

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fishwithoutbicycle topcommenter

Give the guy a break, he was obviously having some kind of a mental breakdown...and, regardless of his proximity to a residential area, he was making noise in the middle of the afternoon for pete's sake! Personally, I'm more annoyed at the crew cutting trees in my neighborhood who were running their loud machines before 7am.


@fishwithoutbicycle agreed. Those damn mentally ill people need to take their problems to an assylum. Oh wait, there is no funding for it...