At Least You Weren't Driving

[Hey, You] Because you could barely stand up

Bob Aul


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I was at the Fullerton Transportation Center talking to my homeless friend around midnight on June 3. We had just attended the Fullerton City Council meeting about Nazi-esque Police Chief Dan Hughes and justice for Kelly Thomas. You drunk-ass college girls were loud and obnoxious and couldn't even conjugate a verb. You were climbing out of the bars, straddling rent-a-bikes as though they were horses, and falling over wasted, time and time again. You needed assistance even walking. On the contrary, the homeless people who called the train station home that night were sleeping or quietly minding their own business. Not one even yelled at you. Congratulations, you've earned your degree in pathetic narcissism. Good luck getting that M-R-S.

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When I saw "Nazi-esque" you lost me.  Have fun with the bums,  You deserve Ftown.

whateveryousay topcommenter

Hey anonymous, 

Congratulations! You've earned your degree in "I'm going to bring up Kelly Thomas even when it is irrelevant."
I'm sorry that you are offended by some kids who are going to college and are having a good time too.  


Hey "ANONYMOUS", that portion of Fullerton is always a shithole on Fri/Sat nights!

If you don't like it go elsewhere!

Clowns like you paint Kelly Thomas as a "victim". As a former Fullerton res, I learned that there were two sides to that story and Thomas pushed the envelope and payed the price.


If you choose to live in a public place. and choose to sleep in a public place you should not be surprised when the public shows up. Even if they are drunk girls you do not approve of. I know this because I've been homeless at one point in my life myself. I did not like it so I chose to do something about it and myself.

Brainwashed_in_church topcommenter

A recent poll was conducted asking 100,000 parents which situation they'd rather see their kids end up in: drunk at a bar or homeless. According to officials, only 69 parents chose homeless.

fishwithoutbicycle topcommenter


Yeah? And I'm tired of hard-hearted jerks like you who keep bringing up Kelly Thomas's checkered past as if it were an excuse for those cops to beat him to death that night when he had done nothing wrong.


@Brainwashed_in_church I would like to see that poll, I believe your statement is bull shit! A fictitious poll dreamed up by some moron.

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