Mary Lynn Rajskub

Irvine Improv

Maybe the world now knows Mary Lynn Rajskub best as a breakout action TV mainstay, and of course we mean Chloe, the indefatigable CTU analyst from Fox’s various iterations of 24. But anyone who remembers her heart-rending turn in Mr. Show’s Rap: The Musical (“I’m in a gang…of one”) or her demoralizing pizza delivery run in Weezer’s video for “The Good Life”—or even her recent appearance as exasperated telepath Heartfire in Netflix’s Arrested Development—understands that Mary Lynn is, has been and always will be sharp, sarcastic and endlessly hilarious. She’s now taking a moment from a nicely established mainstream TV career to return to the comedy circuit she once conquered.
Sun., July 20, 8 p.m., 2014

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