Coyote Beautiful

[Hey, You!] Stay free, you wild beast . . .

Bob Aul


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You're the coyote who is being hunted by all the pet owners in my neighborhood. I first heard of you from several fellow dog-walkers who, wide-eyed, regaled me with tales of your fearlessness. One guy with a pit bull said you stalked him for a whole block and that you got within a few yards and took a lunge at his pet. I found that hard to believe until I spotted you the other night chasing your own shadow in an empty lot. A big, angry lady kept trying to scare you away, and almost seeming charitable, you sauntered off until she turned her back, then returned to your circle-dancing until animal control showed up and chased you down the block. I haven't seen you since, but there are two neighbors with recently missing cats, so I'm guessing you're still among us. Stay free, wild one!

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I could care less about the rest of it, all I know is this. A pet I had for 15 years and loved very very much was ripped to shreds across the street from my home. They are not an endangered species so FUCK EM!! And as far as them being here first, humankind have been around just as long as coyotes have so again FUCK EM!!


Remember folks the 'yotes were here first - and that goes for all the other wild critters out there!


What we have here I believe is the section of Garden Grove next to the I405 SD22 HOV project the work encroached upon Coyote Territory. tear out a persons home they move elsewhere. 

fishwithoutbicycle topcommenter

I keep my cats inside. The coyotes were here first.