Anaheim Police's Mad Dog

[Moxley Confidential] K9 attack on baby in a stroller inches to trial. Plus: Register boss showing cracks, voters re-elect Neanderthal judge

The empty, vacuum-cleaner-salesman-like lines even alarmed the normally non-confrontational Mantle. "I have to say, if I worked for you, hearing your description and the lack of specifics, I'd be very nervous about the future," he said near the conclusion of the 15-minute interview.

But the mild confrontation failed to pierce Kushner's armor. He noticeably didn't address the assertion. Instead, he tersely punted, saying, "Any other questions?"

Sure: You have no clue what you're doing, do you?

Luke McGarry


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Four years after my 2008 report that Orange County Superior Court Judge Derek Johnson downplayed a savage Irvine rape a year earlier, the California Commission on Judicial Performance formally admonished him for making Neanderthal statements. Johnson ignorantly observed that the victim's vagina hadn't been "shredded" during the sexual assault, which, in his mind, undoubtedly meant the intercourse had been consensual.

"If someone doesn't want to have sexual intercourse, the body shuts down," the judge opined on the record. "The body will not permit that to happen unless a lot of damage is inflicted, and we heard nothing about that in this case. That tells me that the victim in this case, although she wasn't necessarily willing, she didn't put up a fight."

To underscore his contempt for the prosecution's case against the rapist—who also threatened to mutilate his victim's vagina and face with a heated screwdriver—Johnson refused the request for a 16-year prison punishment, chopping a whopping 10 years off the sentence. That scenario prompted private attorney Helen Hayden to challenge the judge in the June election. Johnson—a former prosecutor—ran on a "victims' rights" agenda and won 61 percent of your vote.

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