Free Bike-In Movie: Bicycle Thieves

Bicycle Tree

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The Bicycle Tree

811 N. Main St.
Santa Ana, CA 92701

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Region: Santa Ana

Vittorio DeSica’s 1948 neo-realist classic is one of many in the Italian canon of cinema, offering a bleak look at the post-war working class and its trials and tribulations. We’re not gonna sugar-coat this one for you, folks- this film is depressing. But bicyclists and family devotees everywhere can relate to the central conflict in the film: A poor father finally lands a job hanging posters in the city, but in order to keep his position (and be able to feed his family), he must have a bike for transportation. As he’s busy hanging a poster, a teenage boy runs off with his bike, so he and his young son must track down the thief. It’s DeSica’s filmmaking genius that makes this movie powerful even today, and will remain so with every audience it reaches; all are encouraged to bike in to Bicycle Tree for this screening. Bike valet available.
Sat., May 31, 8 p.m., 2014