Talega's Money Baggers

Why is a group of wealthy San Clemente residents asking for a tax refund when the city's schools need repairs?

Trustee Amy Hanacek voted against Addonizio's motion, but she said of the issue, "It is our responsibility to see that all students are educated in the very best manner and environment possible, and that is why this district must explore other funding options for our facilities."

Dana Point resident Gail Benda was the sole person to speak out against the Talegans during public comments. She called it "amazing" that CUSD was able to shorten the length and tax percentage of the Mello-Roos bond while still maintaining fiscal responsibility, and she said she believed that by using the Mello-Roos funds on facilities, the board could free up more money in the general fund, allowing projects outside the parameters of the agreement to be completed.

"People buying homes in Mello-Roos areas know what they are going into," said Benda. "I think it is inappropriate to request tax money back. I have never heard of any school district giving refunds."

Bob Aul

CUSD will vote again in August to decide how to use the excess taxes. Talegans will then get another opportunity to request their refund, moneybags in tow.

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