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[Hey, You!] Watch out for the nail-salon grouch of Main Street

You're the old grouch who I saw at the nail salon on Main Street in Huntington Beach. As a walk-in customer, I asked the employee if anyone was available to do my nails because I needed to get to work. Half an hour later, my old set had yet to be removed, and I asked if someone could give me attention. Fifteen minutes later, after calling in late to work, my old nails were finally removed, but by this time, I had to leave. I kindly paid the lady, tipped her and was off.

Next thing I know, you walk into my place of business, obviously upset. I figured you were going to complain how I might have been rude to the employee, but what I didn't expect was for you to say how I offended the entire nail salon by asking for attention when "obviously" everyone else had an appointment and that I should have made an appointment, too. You heard me apologize to the employee as I was leaving for being rushed, but that wasn't good enough for you, and you claimed I am selfish with no consideration for others' schedules and said I should have apologized to everyone! You then demeaned me for working in a tanning salon, assuming this was my life.

Bob Aul


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My priority is to worry about my schedule and my business, not yours or anyone else's. And my moral obligation is to be kind and courteous to whoever I am dealing with. You made it your business to bother me in my place of business, and I was still kind, courteous and polite. You were looking for a fight, and I didn't submit, so you got pissed and left. As far as I'm concerned, you're a coward for leaving before I could speak and a bitch for seeking me out to tell me off. Like the saying goes: Mind your own damn business and stay out of mine.

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Apointments are all well & good, I am not positive, but I vaguely remembering you mentioned "I asked the employee if anyone was available to do my nails because I needed to get to work" I do not know what the employee said, But I am guessing it was a Vietnamese Nail Salon and they will never let a dollar run away (yes, I have many Viet friends that own or work at such places). Personally I seldom make appointments, and usually do business with the same person But I also tip better than usual and they love to see me as a walk in. As a walk in and I see it will be a while, I leave. 

The woman following (stalking) you into your place of business was totally out of line. She was most likely pissed as she already anticipated your manicure, spa pedicure, removal & replacing your acrylic nails to the tune of ± $100.oo?


I agree with the woman who came in, get your shit together and call ahead if your friggin stupid ass nails are that important.  You are rude.

BillxT topcommenter

Your lack of planning does not constitute an emergncy for me. If I'm first, I'm first. I made my appointment knowing full well my obligations and planned for them. Another way to look at it is if you can't plan ahead, it's NOT my problem.