Pekok Within's Clothing Truck Revolution

[Trendzilla] This clothing store on wheels brings flashy fashion to the masses

Working retail can be damn boring. Once you're done spending your paycheck on clothes (really, clothing stores should just offer company scrip to make it all easier), there's not much left to do besides stare aimlessly or tell people, "That top looks great on you." But Brittney and Branigan Lee made their retail space not only interesting, but also downright revolutionary by opening the first, mobile fashion truck in Orange County. The Lees named it Pekok Within after the term "peacocking," in which male peacocks flaunt their feathers as they strut around, trying to swoon all the lady birds. The Lees hope their curated collection will inspire women to do the same.

The truck itself is eye-catching and hints at the peacock's feathers with turquoise tribal graphics. The size of a food truck, it fits a good amount of clothes without being overcrowded. The walls of the truck have alcoved shelves and racks, and the space manages to fit a dressing room and jewelry case. The cool thing about Pekok is it can go anywhere. The Lees often set up shop at college campuses, but they've also had shows at Kitsch Bar, Memphis and street fairs. Anyone who's worked a festival will tell you that drunk people are very good at spending money!

Pekok Within carries new and trendy clothes, some from local companies. Styles range from the basic-bitch "You Can't Sit With Us" tee to lovely, 1960s-style high-waisted bathing suits and psychedelic robes. Pekok even sells a pair of sexy, vegan leather pants. The eye-rolling fact that pants now have dietary preferences aside, it's all on the cheap. Dresses range from $50 to $60, blouses are in the $25 range, and multicolored bandeaus go for only $10. Pekok is also generous with discounts; the current code on the website ( gives you 25 percent off, and once a month, the Lees hand out a $25 gift card to the best outfit shared on their social media.

If you'll be at Coachella Weekend Two, consider stopping by for a visit. Pekok will be holding down the fort at the Saguaro in Palm Springs with fashion-truck sisters Selvedge Goods and Le Fashion Truck from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. all weekend. It's even a pool party, bitches.

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Hahaha so true, drunk people are the best shoppers!! #Guilty

JGlanton topcommenter

Innovative.  I hope that they have your size. How's the dressing room?

How about a food truck that serves liquor?  A bar truck. Since the customers aren't driving, it should be all good.  Last time I went to a food truck event, I brought my own beer. Tasty thai, spicy sausages, tacos every which way, bacon bacon, everything cried out for beer to chase it down. 


@JGlanton  Our Sizes range from XS-L usually. Our Dressing room is very spacious. People compliment on it all the time seeing that its onboard a truck! Can't wait to see everyone out in the desert!

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