Trivial Behavior

[Hey, You!] Don't let the score go to your head

Bob Aul


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I was guest-hosting as quizmaster at a Long Beach bar and grill for its weekly trivia night. You were on the team that gave an incomplete answer to a certain question, so I had to tell your group that sorry, no, I could not award you a point for that answer. At the break, one of your teammates attempted to civilly persuade me to let you guys have the point. Then you walked up. Coolly and menacingly, you said to me: "Don't cross us. We know where you live, you four-eyed fuck." Even your own teammate looked surprised as you walked away. The rest of your team seemed nice enough, and after some thought I decided to award them the point after all. Why? Because I felt sorry that they were saddled with a macho prick like you, whose negative asshole energy was surely diminishing the group's collective brain power. At the night's end, when the scores were tallied and prizes were bestowed, your team did not win, place or show, you bullying sack of shit.

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Dang - I've heard about those tough trivia gangs but never thought they really existed.  LB is getting rougher.

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