Christian Death's Rozz Williams' Tortured Soul Is Still Worthy of Tribute

Before Trent Reznor wanted to fuck you like an animal, and way before Marilyn Manson simulated a bloody abortion onstage, there was Christian Death's Rozz Williams. The gender-bending, drug-fueled, witchcraft-dabbling, poetic hot mess remained an obscure figure outside his own scene, but he served as inspiration for Reznor and Manson, who became household names more than a decade later.

Athey whipped the loincloth-clad Williams before he was lifted onto the cross. The singer's bloodied palms were tied with white fabric. Incense permeated the air, as even the most liberal-minded, shock-proofed punks watched in horror.

Williams, born from the relentlessly creative, disenfranchised side of Pomona teen Roger Alan Painter, violently rebelled against his conservative Southern Baptist upbringing and the hypocrisy he felt religion and society embodied. In 1979, he spearheaded the creation of death rock, a distant cousin of the U.K.'s Goth scene (Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy) that explored similar doom-and-gloom romanticism, but with added post-punk, guitar-fueled devilish dirge.

"The first record [1982's Only Theatre of Pain] was basically a reaction to things I was hearing from my parents and things I didn't really like when I was hearing what I was hearing, and I thought there were things put in the wrong way," Williams says in an undated, recorded interview released in 2005. "It was kind of like this fear factor playing a role. So the first record was written in reaction to that and exorcising some of that out of myself."

Too twistedly beautiful for this world
Too twistedly beautiful for this world

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The Vex Arts L.A.

5240 Alhambra Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90032

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: Los Angeles

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

6000 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90038

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Region: Los Angeles


Burnt Offerings: A Tribute to Rozz Williams at the Vex LA, 5240 Alhambra Ave., Los Angeles, (323) 221-0971; Sat., 7 p.m. $10. All ages.

"Rozz Williams: Revised, Revisited, Resurrected" at Hollywood Forever Cemetary, 6000 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles. Sun., 1:34-4 p.m.

Nearly 20 years after the band's first release, at age 34, Williams hanged himself in his West Hollywood apartment on April 1, 1998. He left no suicide note, only 16 years of music and poetry for family, friends and fans to scavenge for clues, of which many were overt.

This weekend, there are two memorials honoring Williams' hedonistic spirit. Burnt Offerings, a Tribute to Rozz Williams, is at the Vex Arts in Los Angeles. Show organizer Killjo Zapata's band the Sacred Spiders will perform, as well as Fangs On Fur, Peeling Grey and They Feed At Night. OC punk legend Rikk Agnew (Adolescents, D.I., Social Distortion), Christian Death's second guitarist, joins Zapata to play songs from Only Theatre of Pain, which he played on.

On Sunday, Christina Death's Skelebration brings to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery "Rozz Williams: Revised, Revisited, Resurrected," with special guests and spoken word. There will be memorabilia on display at both events.

Fundamentalist Christian groups made no secret of detesting Williams and the band, often staging protests outside Christian Death gigs. The protests only encouraged Williams during his shows.

One of the most infamous stories occurred at the end of the band's set at the Whiskey a Go Go in April 1982. Performance artist, frequent collaborator and Williams' not-so-gentle lover Ron Athey carried a life-sized wooden cross onto the stage, which was strewn with funeral flowers and pieces of concrete tombstones. Athey whipped the loincloth-clad Williams before he was lifted onto the cross. The singer's bloodied palms were tied with white fabric. Incense permeated the air, as even the most liberal-minded, shock-proofed punks watched in horror.

"There was always an envelope, and it was always getting pushed," says George Belanger, Christian Death's original drummer.

The Christian Death saga started with four artistic, 16-year-old musicians holed up in Williams' childhood bedroom. Bassist James McGearty had met Williams at a club and introduced him to Belanger, a skateboarder who played drums. Williams brought along guitarist John "Jay" Albert. The four met up to compare philosophies, worldviews and musical influences, and then decided to become a band.

Pulling from the Doors, Iron Butterfly, the Velvet Underground, David Bowie, Marc Bolan and Black Sabbath, Christian Death combined their rock favorites with atonal riffs à la Black Flag, the Germs and Circle Jerks. "It was just a concept," Belanger says. "We had a sound and wanted to do something totally different than what everyone else was doing. . . . It probably was a little progressive considering the ages we were."

After leaving Christian Death, Williams, a prolific lyricist, never stalled for long. The death-rock band Shadow Project, with his former girlfriend Eva O, was the closest to earlier Christian Death. There was Premature Ejaculation with Athey, as well as a cabaret-inspired, musical performance-art project with former Christian Death member Gitane Demone.

Williams' impact on fans continues to grow posthumously. For a decade, Jenn and Dave Bats ran the death-rock night Release the Bats, during which a candle burned for Williams in a makeshift shrine. There's a Rozz Williams Scholar Society Facebook Page, an online Williams forum and a steadfast scene that holds him up as a patron saint of darkness. Why such devotion from fans after all these years?

"I indulge frequently on pondering and contemplating this very subject matter, and I always come up with the same conclusion," Agnew says, which basically boils down to him not really knowing. "Ask them."

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whateveryousay topcommenter

Oh how I loved the 80s and seeing the Sisters reference brought a smile to face.  Christian Death was a real soul crushing eye opener for me.  Luckily I have all of my old vinyl from back then.  Every now and then I dust it off and shock the neighbors.  45 Grave, Death in June to name just a couple. 

Anyone remember JAGG?  

tongue_twister_for_t topcommenter

so what did he die from?

"The police coerced the victims and witnesses with confessions that they lied about".

"This are illegal actions by the police".


Nice article - good to see CD getting some love!  I saw them at the Cuckoo's Nest when they had Rozz "crucified" on the cross - they propped up a mic to him and he sang the whole concert that way.  Love Only Theater of Pain!!  "Incurable disease on the day of rest......."


Arrissia! That was an AMAZING article on Rozz Williams and Christian Death. It did remind though that there was a significant period of Christian Death where Rozz was not a member of the band. That Rozz-less period in the bands history was documented on video in "The Heritics Alive" concert recorded at the Marquee club in 1989. Frankly, I though that line-up of the band was awful. It seemed like sacrilege to call the band Christian Death without Rozz (kind of like TSOL without Jack). To get a better idea of the power of Rozz Williams, I highly recommend the 2005 Cleopatra DVD release "Christian Death featuring Rozz Williams. This has since be been re-released by MVD and is pretty easy to locate online. This was a stunning performance that included Rik Agnew on guitar and I can't begin to recommend it enough. This was definitely one band that needed to be seen as well as heard. It's also interesting to note that Christian Death was much more highly regarded in England and throughout Europe than they were in the States. One last thing and it's a bit off topic: No mention in the Weekly music section on the passing of Dave Brockie last week?


Nomag photo shoot of Rozz wrapped in saran wrap layered wit razor blades, still gives me the creeps.


Great write up! There's a lot of magic and mystery in the world of Rozz fandom that most do not dare try to understand. Most wont understand, some shouldn't.

On a side note, Dave and Jenn Bats are still running RELEASE THE BATS, same place, same day of the month - for over 15 years now.  ^v^

Brainwashed_in_church topcommenter

"Fundamentalist Christian groups made no secret of detesting Williams and the band, often staging protests outside Christian Death gigs." 

Cool, anything they hate, I like. I'm going to go listen to some of this band's music and more importantly, read the lyrics.

An enemy of an enemy is a friend.


@whateveryousay Some of that old vinyl can be worth big bucks these days, especially anything from the smaller labels that is out of print. I love 45 Grave, I like Death In June, but JAGG escapes me. Can you fiil us in?


@bryan72562 Man I miss the Cuckoo's Nest. It made me smile to see you mention that place. Of course you realize your dating yourself with that reference point right? (damn I just did it too!)


@downtownbrown SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! Downtownbrown commenting on a Rozz Williams article? And then you toss out the wonderful Nomag photo shoot reference. I win. I'm thoroughly confused.  Heck of a job Brownie! ps~I put a like on your comment. I feel dirty now.

whateveryousay topcommenter

@roman_archer  JAGG was a goth club in Lake Forest off Rockfield and Lake Forest Drive.  It was around before Club Post Nuclear in Laguna.  The old vinyl is great.  I have the Tones on Tail colored albums among a bunch of other stuff.  I have most of the Sisters of Mercy 45s to boot.  I hunted that stuff for years.


@roman_archer  haha - yeah, it's all good!  Wouldn't trade those years for anything - think I hung out at the nest at least 3 or 4 nights a week from 80-82ish, saw so many unreal bands that I still listen to today, and many times over!  Great times, as I'm sure you remember!


@roman_archer @downtownbrownI've been looking for those photos for years. I found a couple floating around the internet a few months after he died, but don't have them anymore. Where are they hiding?


@downtownbrown Ha! Nice one Brownie. That would have gone over most people's head. I would have asked volume one or volume two, but I'm guessing you would have said both. Although now that I think about it, volume two paled slightly to volume one. In the future, it's going to be a little tougher to zing you on the blogs. Just a little.

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