Is Randy Morgan Laguna's Artful Dodger?

The creator of Laguna Beach's Waterman's Wall wants to make amends to the art world, but can he outrun his past?

Morgan has a new team, consisting of himself, Cairns and Laguna Beach photographer Tom Kemp, that's helping him out with new paying art commissions and making sure he has money in his checking account.

"Our goal is just to clean up the past, and if there are legitimate grievances about Randy, then we'll structure things one by one, and we will address them and fix them, and we will make good," Cairns says. "Randy's situation has been remarkably unpleasant through 2013. Tom and I fundamentally pulled Randy off the street, almost literally. My job is to keep Randy focused on the positive—on the art work, on finding new clients, on delivering them on time and on budget."

"I have a wonderful life now," Morgan says. "I'm able to get up in the morning and make art and be with my family, and that's all I really want to do. It was horrible last year coming out of the Waterman's Wall, thinking that I was with management that was going to get me the next project. And now we've got people who aren't happy because there's no recognition or plaque on the wall, but we're going to make it right, and we're going to pay for it because we have work now."

Jared Boggess
Waterman’s Wall
Dustin Ames
Waterman’s Wall

"I feel for people who donated money in the name of a family member with the expectation that there would be a plaque," Cairns says. "That's horrible. It's not good. So we need to do that. And I absolutely would not be connected with Randy in any way if he was still connected with drugs. I am adamantly anti-drug and anti-abuse of any kind. Tom and I believe in the guy and his honest desire to redeem himself and to create a body of work that, in the latter part of his life, people will ultimately judge him on, and we'll help him do that."

"I'm not a guy who tries to go out and hurt people," Morgan says. "I hurt myself at times, and when that happens, other people get hurt. Can I change my history? No, I can't. But I can change what I'm going to do tomorrow."

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