Is the DA's Office Race a One-Man Show?

[Moxley Confidential] Plus, Costa Mesa's cop-conspiracy case is on pause

John C. Manly, Righeimer's lawyer and the attorney who has for years won lawsuits against pedophile priests and their defenders in the Catholic Church hierarchy, says he expects Andler's crucial ruling "any day."

[Update: At a March 5 hearing, the judge granted a Righeimer demand for Lanzillo to sit for a four-hour deposition in coming weeks.]

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Bob Aul


California's Democrats enjoy total control of the state and are scheduled to party March 7 through 9 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The theme is "Renewing California By Advancing Our Values," but the biggest focus will be how to retain the governor's mansion and supermajorities in the legislature.

The party's elected officials and activists will meet in workshops and training sessions, plus hear from San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro and Congresswoman Barbara Lee, both of whom will be keynote speakers on Saturday. Others who plan to attend include Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Brown, Kamala Harris and Gavin Newson.

It's not clear what role Orange County Democrats will play in the convention, although Sharon Quirk-Silva's Fullerton Assembly seat is expected to be one of the hottest contested in the state this year. GOP strategists believe they underestimated Quirk-Silva, a teacher by profession, in 2012 and don't plan to repeat the mistake. In a huge upset, she toppled incumbent Republican Chris Norby by more than 5,500 votes. During her stint in Sacramento, she has worked to create a moderate voting record.

Republicans hope self-styled "very conservative" Young Kim can block Quirk-Silva's second term in the 65th Assembly district seat and, in the process, derail Democratic Party hopes for continued supermajority status that renders the GOP powerless. Last year, Kim raised $382,000—about $50,000 less than her opponent—but she isn't lacking chutzpah. She has predicted victory over the Democrat, saying, "I'll kick her butt."

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