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[Hey, You!] Or man's best friend might be roadkill

Bob Aul


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To the lady whose dogs were in the middle of a dark Orange Park Acres road: If I didn't hear the squealing of the brakes of the SUV in front of me, I probably wouldn't have noticed the large, curly-haired dogs bounding around. They seemed to be having fun, playing, with no sense of being in danger. My honking at them sent them to your driveway, where they waited for a few seconds before chasing each other out again. I pulled over and walked to your un-gated house, from which I could hear the TV blaring. Your dogs cheerfully waited with me while you didn't answer your door. If my car weren't full of boxes, I would have taken them home with me. Next time, I might. . . .

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fishwithoutbicycle topcommenter

Poor doggies. I would call letting your pets run around in the street unsupervised after dark (or any time!) animal abuse. I hope that idiot doesn't have any human children...

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