OC Juries Prepare Another Dirty Cop Blowjob?

[Moxley Confidential] Plus: A cheating deputy DA and news that'll make disgraced ex-sheriff Mike Carona jealous

In coming days, Goethals will turn his attention to Sanders' claims contained in a bombshell, 505-page brief filed earlier this month. He says prosecutors directed the jailhouse informant program to trick Dekraai and another accused killer, Daniel Wozniak, into answering prosecutor questions after they'd hired counsel and invoked their right to not speak to the government. Prominent defense lawyers Kate Corrigan and Kenneth Reed view the prosecutors' alleged conduct as appallingly unethical. Goethals said he considers the accusations "serious" and plans evidentiary hearings to determine the truth.

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Sheriff Sandra Hutchens' latest campaign-finance report reveals interesting tidbits about the nature of politics. First, the report filed at the end of January declaring $98,000 in contributions during the second half of 2013 is a blow to the enormous ego of ex-Sheriff Mike Carona. Serving a 66-month federal prison sentence for corruption, Carona likely remains under the delusion that individuals seeking his friendship were infatuated with him and not his office. He won't be happy to learn that many of his old, wealthy contributors are now riding on Hutchens' bandwagon. That list includes Frederick J. Hanshaw, Dennis D. Assael, Antonio Cagnolo (of Antonello Ristorante), Donna Porter and Irvine Co. executives.

Luke McGarry


But Hutchens' fund-raising activities also involve government contractors such as American Correctional Solutions Inc., Ware Disposal Inc., April Lopez of Stadium Chiropractic, CH2M Hill Inc., Cofiroute USA Inc., Faubel Public Affairs, Varangians LLC and Gemini Industries Inc.

Why might those businesses give the sheriff money? Maybe they love her smile, wit and management style. Or perhaps their gifts are an unofficial recognition that Hutchens presides over a local agency that spends more than $500 million annually.

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