OC Juries Prepare Another Dirty Cop Blowjob?

[Moxley Confidential] Plus: A cheating deputy DA and news that'll make disgraced ex-sheriff Mike Carona jealous

"The excuse that she gave for not giving up this obviously exculpatory material was not a reasonable excuse," Goethals said. "It wasn't even close to a reasonable excuse. . . . I don't know if Miss Nassar doesn't know what the law is. That's no excuse. Ignorance of the law for an experienced prosecutor for engaging in misconduct is not a reasonable excuse either. That was a willful violation."

In coming days, Goethals will turn his attention to Sanders' claims contained in a bombshell, 505-page brief filed earlier this month. He says prosecutors directed the jailhouse informant program to trick Dekraai and another accused killer, Daniel Wozniak, into answering prosecutor questions after they'd hired counsel and invoked their right to not speak to the government. Prominent defense lawyers Kate Corrigan and Kenneth Reed view the prosecutors' alleged conduct as appallingly unethical. Goethals said he considers the accusations "serious" and plans evidentiary hearings to determine the truth.

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Luke McGarry


Sheriff Sandra Hutchens' latest campaign-finance report reveals interesting tidbits about the nature of politics. First, the report filed at the end of January declaring $98,000 in contributions during the second half of 2013 is a blow to the enormous ego of ex-Sheriff Mike Carona. Serving a 66-month federal prison sentence for corruption, Carona likely remains under the delusion that individuals seeking his friendship were infatuated with him and not his office. He won't be happy to learn that many of his old, wealthy contributors are now riding on Hutchens' bandwagon. That list includes Frederick J. Hanshaw, Dennis D. Assael, Antonio Cagnolo (of Antonello Ristorante), Donna Porter and Irvine Co. executives.

But Hutchens' fund-raising activities also involve government contractors such as American Correctional Solutions Inc., Ware Disposal Inc., April Lopez of Stadium Chiropractic, CH2M Hill Inc., Cofiroute USA Inc., Faubel Public Affairs, Varangians LLC and Gemini Industries Inc.

Why might those businesses give the sheriff money? Maybe they love her smile, wit and management style. Or perhaps their gifts are an unofficial recognition that Hutchens presides over a local agency that spends more than $500 million annually.

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We have good cops and we also have bullies and cowards hiding behind the badge.  The bad apples will continue with their bad behaviour until they are stopped.


I hate that jury as much I hate the cops that killed Kelly.  Sad to think 12 people that ignorant live in Orange County.


Mox... The HB Police chopper just flew over my house. Figured you are near by. <snicker>


Let me see, You cannot go one hour without seeing a "Cop" show on TV, usually the well intended cops featured will break the rules and get applauded for the violation of a suspects rights. We all expect our cops to be like those on Law & Order or Justified. No one wants to believe their law enforcement is corrupt, but there is never any corruption? We are deluded by media.

Two Fullerton Cops were photographed by many people beating a sick man to death. Yet a jury found them not guilty The DA himself prosecuted the case, and I have read that  surprisingly one of the jurors was a prosecuting attorney. I understand the FBI is in Orange County investigating corruption. but I have read that they are working with the DA, this is a joke, That office seems to be the center of corruption.


RE:  the frivolous law suit of Sonny Rubin against Westminster P.D.

Because members of the citizens' panel in the Sonny Rubin lawsuit couldn't find any evidence of excessive force by law enforcement it is justified that the Westminster Police Dept. be reimbursed by Rubin for the defensive legal fees the department incurred. 

Westminster police officer Jason Stouffer was also justified in being compensated for the 120 hours of suspended pay wrongly levied against him by the Police Chief as a consequence of Rubin's vengeful and unjustified complaint against the department.  

Officer Stouffer should also be compensated for the insult to his integrity and threat to his job caused by the frivolous law suit brought by Rubin.

Police chiefs too often give a knee-jerk condemning reaction to police officers who have done nothing wrong, just to appease the ditzy complaints that sometimes come from an arrestee.   

Officer Stouffer enforced the law in accordance with his responsibility to do so.  

Jim Gilchrist, Founder and President, The Minuteman Project

Gabriel Madrigal
Gabriel Madrigal

I agree with Lance, expose all this shit!! This cover up needs to end NOW!

Lance Perkins
Lance Perkins

Thank you for reporting! This should be on your front cover! It's beyond words what atrocities these people have done to the innocent citizens that they are paid to protect and serve. My condolences to the victims families and loved ones.



I've noticed on many crime shows, Law & Order included, that the police get mighty annoyed when a person of interest asks for a lawyer. This speaks volumes...as if people exercising the rights afforded to the accused are merely being smartass jerks throwing a wrench into the process. Really infuriating when you think about it. This is why I've stopped watching these kinds of shows...too close to home for someone who lives in the OC.


Yes, this should have been front cover.  But they were too busy with the hard hitting, explosive journalism surrounding the Disney "gangs"...LMAO

sweetliberty17761776 topcommenter

@FishWithoutBicycle @Dweezle  

its a great point

but add to that

PEOPLE ARE AFRIAD ( and of the police too) of street crimes and they know the police are 


now maybe with the good people able to obtain guns easier

maybe there could be some correlation with not giving the police

as much leeway