Small Man, Big Vape

[Hey, You!] Take your metal mouth-tool elsewhere, please

Bob Aul


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You were the meathead with the big metal dick hanging out of your mouth, blowing a cloud of vapor as big as your lungs could muster. I was trying to enjoy my coffee when another patron asked you if you could move to a table away from the door. You politely told him that he could suck your dick if he didn't like it and that you were well within your legal right to smoke your large, phallic e-cig anywhere you "goddamn please." When he walked away, clearly upset that you might pummel him instead of kindly obliging the request, you muttered, "Fag" under your breath. I'm not one to call names, but your blueberry cheesecake e-cig "juice" and your vanilla latte with extra foam might be speaking louder than your steroid-fueled attitude.

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JGlanton topcommenter

Deal with your own problems, anonymous crybaby.  Everybody else runs into somebody or something that they don't like everyday yet they somehow manage to carry on without crying to the newspapers. It's life.

sweetliberty17761776 topcommenter

politics make strange bedfellows 

imagine voting for pols that push for the government to be in charge of healthcare 

and at the same time complaining that you should control what others eat / ingest b/c you pay for their healthcare

put that in your e-cig and smoke it


THAT is the kind of behavior that I HATE and caution Vape users about being polite and respectful. I am an Industry Advisor to the Vape Industry and teach people like that that permeate negative perceptions about vaping and their users. Please consider a-holes like this the EXCEPTION to the rule and that most will be respectful of your space and your attitude.

A survey was conducted about the public’s perception and acceptance of vaping and the majority had NO issue with it, especially in open spaces and arenas. The numbers were lower in restaurants and planes and suck. If anyone wants data on this growing industry, give me a shout.


How could they use this kind of wording? Respect the E cigarette users as they turn vapor from smoker just to change their image and want to live healthy life. Well I think it’s useless as I am not able to make everyone understand about the E cigarette that its not harmful as compared to real ones so just want to refer you this Facebook page which i recently liked about E Juice.