How Dana Rohrabacher's Triplets Helped Him Secretly Raise $33,000

[Moxley Confidential] Sifting through documents to find two convicted felons, a California tax cheat, an Iraq War profiteer, a Middle East oil executive, a space entrepreneur and others

At least in that case, the congressman urged restraint to contributors so the transactions wouldn't trigger public disclosure.

"The maximum value of gifts for the Rohrabacher triplets combined cannot exceed $49," stated the glossy birthday invitations that contained five photographs of the identified kids: Annika, Tristen and Christian.

Rohrabacher—one of the most senior members in the House who is viewed within his own political party as a peculiar, loose cannon, unfit to chair a major legislative committee—did not respond to requests for an interview regarding his fund-raising practices.

Bob Aul


This year, he's asking voters in his district to return him to Washington, D.C., for his 27th and 28th years in Congress. Last year, after leaving a Costa Mesa rental with grotesquely soiled carpets, broken furnishings, cracked appliances and maggots under the stove, he sued his ex-landlord in Orange County Superior Court for having the audacity to keep a security deposit. The landlord has countersued to collect more than $20,000 in damages caused by the unhygienic Rohrabachers.

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