Spirit Walking

A remote Arizona church, whose founder communed with LSD guru Timothy Leary, offers followers peyote-induced psychedelic trips

Asked what kind of future is in store for Peyote Way, Kent—as with his lengthy explanation about Trujillo's life and the spiritual importance of peyote—has a rehearsed answer.

His greatest hope is that someday, he and Zapf can grow peyote legally and educate others about how to grow it.

"When we plant peyote, I'm not thinking of personal ingestion; I'm thinking about my grandkids," Kent says. "I think that's pretty healthy to think in big chunks of time—20, 40, 60 years. If we thought that way about our planning for society, then we might not be having so many of the problems we're having now."

Kent and Zapf outside Peyote Way
Andrew Pielage
Kent and Zapf outside Peyote Way
Peyote Way Church founder Immanuel Trujillo as a young man
Courtesy the Peyote Way Church of God
Peyote Way Church founder Immanuel Trujillo as a young man

That night, on the way to a hotel in Safford, "Peyote Way Church of God" flashes on an Arizona "Adopt a Highway" sign.

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Will the reporter go on a spirit walk?

Dave Tucker
Dave Tucker

Wow, this is interesting. Leary had a rug dipped in his LSD liquid for Janis Joplin when he lived in Laguna Canyon back in the sixties . His beliefs are now in the desert in AZ somewhere. Crazy stuff. But, a informative article done with this reporter. I like how he wrote this with getting the actual history about this. Many will be "pessimistic" about this, but it's a interested read . The native Americans believed in this spiritual type of "awakening".? Good job Mr. Reporter.

Wendel Burdine
Wendel Burdine

shoot the peyote i can do without the felowshipp

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