Kentucky-Fried Perv

[Hey, You!] Take your stalking elsewhere, chicken-delivery man!

Bob Aul


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You know who you are, that paper-thin, whippet-like Charro Chicken delivery guy who puts bags of food (customers' orders!) on the ground and walks over to my car every time I park at the grocery store. You're that guy who lisps and consequently spits at me because you talk to me with your face too close to my window. You know what? You are so creepy and annoying I drive an extra 5 miles every week just to do my grocery shopping! I am not interested, and no, I don't want a hug (I don't know you!). No, I don't want to have dinner (six rejections is enough), and incessantly asking if I'm sure only makes you even less attractive (yes, it's possible). Start paying attention to your job and quit stalking customers in the parking lot, and you might actually get to keep delivering chicken. Who knows? I may actually be able to go grocery shopping next to my house again. Thanks for running up my gas bill, you punk!

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What does he work 24/7? Can't you go around his schedule or stop parking in front of the place? Most grocery stores have large parking lots. I can't imagine he stands by the door waiting for you. I just hope we don't have another Kelly Thomas incident. He appears to be experiencing mental issues if he can't take no as an answer 6 times. Please try doing a better job of avoiding him. Thank you.


I feel your pain. I had a guy who I used to date, then decided he was too creepy, call me every so often. I told him and told him not to call, ignored, etc. Finally, I had to block his number. You really should consider reporting him to the management of the chicken place.


Being as I am a lady who has been in a similar situation, I can't say I blame anonymous for choosing to avoid further conflict by shopping elsewhere. The guy was lucky she didn't call the cops...there are laws against harassment! I can't stand people who think that when a woman says "NO" she doesn't really mean it...and then call her a "bitch" when they find out she really does.

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