Family Movie From Hell

[Hey, You!] You, sir, are the best reason to wait for the DVD release

Bob Aul


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You, sir, are the sole reason why kids today grow up to be disrespectful assholes. I was at the theater when you and your children sat next to us. You were loud, annoying and said inappropriate things at inappropriate times. But the worst part was when you took out your iPhone and recorded the movie. You do know that the glow from your phone alerted all of us to your felony while it distracted us from the film we paid for. Your teens thought it was okay to shake the seats, get up numerous times, call out drink orders and annoy the hell out of everyone. Great job showing them how to act. You are not only a thug, but also a terrible parent who will no doubt see his children wind up in jail. I really appreciated missing part of the film in order to get management to throw you the hell out.

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I wish I'd spoken up when I was at the movies once and two "ladies" decided to sit directly in front of my friends and I and talk during the whole film. The rest of the theatre was EMPTY! WTF?


@FishWithoutBicycle , I would have just moved myself.  My philosophy is that since my blood pressure is high now (even with meds), I've decided not to sweat the small stuff when I can.  Sure, I can yell and scream and bully like any native trailer park Beach Blvd Dweller (that I have been), but decided it's best to avoid trouble and keep the BP lower.  This advice I got from my uncle who is an OC sheriff and a really big guy and says why get bent out of shape.Pick your battles he says.

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