Guinida: Clear the Lane

An Anaheim barrio near Disneyland is targeted for revitalization—again

Residents who were at the Aztec ceremony were skeptical of the city's plans. They gathered at a Día de los Muertos-inspired altar in the Sandbox, where pictures of loved ones lost to hood violence and police shootings over the years were arranged beside small pumpkins, marigolds, pan de muertos and other ofrendas. Among those pictured was Acevedo. His mother, Donna Acevedo, put a bottle of Tapatío and Maruchan Ramen in remembrance, while those assembled—mostly youngsters, including one sitting on a lowrider bike with arched handlebars—listened to the runners' message of peace and prayer.

"You know how many times I've heard that story, that they're going to change something here?" says Frank Romero after being shown the revitalization-proposal cover letter. He's also facing the specter of eviction. "There's three generations living here. People that have had kids; their kids are now having kids.

Hermosa Village redux?
Josue Rivas
Hermosa Village redux?

"[Anaheim officials are] no different than the people from Bell," Romero adds, referring to that city's 2010 scandal. "Residents didn't know what was going on until somebody raised their eyebrow—and look what happened."

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