Find a Bed

[Hey, You!] A timely rebuttal to a recent installment of this column

Bob Aul


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You were the idiot taking a nap in a parked car with the engine running next to a neighborhood park, and you actually had the nerve to be angry when a good Samaritan came by to check on your unbelievably stupid, thoughtless behavior. I don't suppose children at the park or anyone walking by would like to breathe air instead of your exhaust fumes, not to mention the danger you put your own child (and others) in by leaving the engine on while napping. YOU are the lucky one, my dear. If I had been the one to find you, I would have woken up both you and your child . . . but not before calling the police to check on you to make sure you were not drunk. Next time you need a nap, find a damn bed!

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WOW. Somebody needs to get a life. You don't have any clue why this person was sleeping there and maybe they thought it was a safe place to do so.


@tubthumper59 I think you are missing the point...the complaint was about the toxic exhaust fumes poisoning the children at the park. The nap was just the cherry on top that someone dumb enough to leave their car running while napping, had the nerve to get pissed that she was awakened. What good samaritan passing by would NOT be concerned that they were ok, especially with a child and mother in the car sleeping with the car idling?