Take a Hike

[Hey, You!] And leave your loud moped at home!

Bob Aul


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You're the ass-hat who rode his moped up and down the Peters Canyon trail Monday evening. Your noise and dust storm made the evening's hike a real treat for all of us. The good news is that your license plate fell off your motorized annoyance and is now a handy souvenir. Enjoy your trip to the DMV!

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I bet there was a sign clearly posted prohibiting bikes/motorized vehicles...but I'm sure Mr. Road Warrior thought those rules couldn't possibly apply to him. It's just like on the hiking trail at the Bolsa Chica Mesa...despite the signs posted at all the trail heads clearly prohibiting bikes, I see jerks buzzing up that narrow strip of dirt all the time churning up dust and running pedestrians off the path. Don't even get me started on all the boneheads who ignore the "NO DOGS" sign, too!