Aziz Ansari: Dudes, the Number of Dick Pics You Send Is Startling

Buried Alive hits Netflix Nov. 1

What percentage would you think would get a dick pic? I would guess 40 percent. But it seemed like every city I went to, it was at least 80 percent. And that was startling, that such a high percentage of them had something that absurd happen to them. It seems like such a dumb thing. I say this in the special, but I just don't understand the logic behind it. A dick is a very dumb-looking, boring thing.

You tend to focus more on seduction techniques, like dick pics, rather than sex. Is that a conscious decision?

You're giving dick pics a lot of weight by calling them a "seduction technique." [Laughs] I'm more interested in the whole idea of how you meet someone and [how] that becomes a relationship. Courtship and frustration. I don't feel like I have anything that interesting to say about sex. Or this ends up being really blue material.

Your material feels really autobiographical. How different is your stage persona from your actual self?

There's no deliberate thought put into, like, what do I want to make my stage persona? That's never been a thought in my head. But no matter what I do onstage, it's gonna be different than how I am in real life. No one in real life is trying to make you laugh really hard every 30 seconds. That sounds like a very strange way to be a person. People who meet me go, "Damn, you're really quiet." "Yeah, because I'm not trying to get an applause break from you." If you meet super-energetic comedians like Chris Rock and Dave Chapelle, they're very quiet, thoughtful.

Why did you choose to adopt suits as part of your stage look?

When I started doing theater tours, it just felt like, I should wear a suit. These were really nice, beautiful venues and I wanted it to be a big show. It would seem weird to come out in just a button-down shirt and pants. I like wearing suits, too, so it seemed a no-brainer to go for that look. Whenever I do a tour, I think about what would be a good "tour suit." Then I design what I think would look good for the tour. That becomes what I wear on the tour every day.

Have you had any friends who are parents approach you to gush or lecture you about the joys of parenthood?

No, not really. I have friends who have kids and they're super-happy. Since I've written this special, my views on this stuff has changed: I'm not quite as certain I definitely won't have kids. I do see how much fun people are having with their kids and how it does seem to be a very life-changing experience. So it's definitely something I'm open to.

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