Levine added that the medication acts quickly, is easily accessible and can cost as low as $3 per dose. "As you can tell, I'm pretty excited about the product," he states.

Reaching the most potential patients possible would be what Gilbert wanted, according to Abraham, who notes, "We occasionally disagreed about the company being for profit because he had that healer mentality. He was such a quality human being."

"Ron was a humble, generous, caring, family-oriented man," echoed the late physician's wife, Elizabeth Gilbert, in a message she left before departing on a trip to her native Argentina, which is where she met her husband. "He did the right thing because it was how he lived, not because he worried about what people might think."

Dr. Gilbert and his sons
Elizabeth Gilbert
Dr. Gilbert and his sons

Abraham says he, Elizabeth Gilbert and the couple's two sons own 65 percent of Absorption Pharmaceuticals, and while the CEO and another partner were named on the original patent with Gilbert, Abraham later had it changed so that Gilbert's name is alone on the patent.

"I have to help provide for his wife and children," Abraham explains. "He would do the same for my son. I want to honor him and create this legacy for him."

Abraham notes that if you Google "Ron Gilbert," the first 50 pages are about his murder. The CEO wants the top results to someday be the wonder drug the physician created.

"As painful as all the milestones are as we grow," he says, "I ended up saying to myself, 'I can't let Ron's legacy be murdered by a crazy guy.'"

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