Hershey Felder as Franz Liszt in RockStar!

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Laguna Playhouse

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If you’re not familiar with the name Hershey Felder, don’t worry, this blurb has nothing to do with fetish porn. Rather, the Laguna Playhouse features the Canadian actor/musician/playwright (with the unsettling name), who uses his exceptional talents to showcase both music and theater in a tribute to famed 19th century Hungarian composer Franz Liszt. Referred to as the "piano rockstar" of the era, Liszt came from a movement known as the German New School. In simple terms, the age following Beethoven’s death. You’ve gotta admire Felder’s ardent ambition—a guy who created an acclaimed one-man show about the life of George Gershwin, now tackling mercurial Hungarian pianists, and doing so with dramatic perfection. He's quite the renaissance man.
Sept. 25-29, 2013