DNA Project: Straight Outta OC

How the sons of Eazy-E and Dr. Dre plan to write the next chapter of NWA's legacy in . . . Lake Forest?!

"I would've listened to Lil E and his project even if his father weren't famous," Weisberg says. "He came here and rolled up his sleeves and went to work and didn't ask for anything. . . . And the fact he's got his own music project—I'm getting to realize some of my dreams this year, so I'd do anything to help him realize his."

Back at Serious Pimp Studios, Bigg A gets a call from Young, already plotting the next studio session to work on tracks for the DNA Project, including the aptly titled "Straight Outta Compton 4 Real." There's no question Wright and Young are willing to balance royalty and servitude in constructing the DNA Project.

Lil Eazy-E
Timothy Norris
Lil Eazy-E
Timothy Norris

"Hopefully, the end result is to see Eric Jr., his little brother and Curtis get what's really their just due," Bigg A says. "I wanna see the acceptance; I could see them catapulting to the level of Kendrick, of YG, of some of the artists that are in there right now. But it takes a good record. It doesn't take 'Oh, you look like your dad.' It's gonna take a real good record. And it's gonna take that thump."

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